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Trading Your Way to Hotter Sex and More

Remember in the beginning of your relationship when you and the love of your life didn’t need an excuse to have sex – you just did and you did it A LOT. Slow and tender, rough and raunchy, sometimes a mix of both, you two couldn’t wait to steal even a few minutes for a whole body embrace and hot, plunging kiss that always was a primer for the main event. Later the intensity and passion of it made you blush (and horny) just thinking about it.

But time passes, the love cocktail fades, and reality kicks in. Things get familiar. Routines become entrenched. Kids are on the way or fully chewing through your days and nights.

Bye-bye leather and lace. Hello china patterns and nursery room yellow.

Sometimes, in those rare quiet moments, you dig in deep and pull up those hot, steamy memories. You recall that time when you both desperately needed to pull the car over and rip into each other because there was NO WAY you were going to make it home in time. And then an email or vmail chime pulls you back to the daily grind.

Can a couple fire-up the heat and spice even after dealing with a deluge of dirty nappies, a river of runny noses, and mountain of monthly bills? We wondered that too and after coming across a statistic like the one noted in the video below, we developed the TradingPost to give couples a way to get their needs and desires met by each other in fun, playful ways.

Trade favors. Make trades for sex. Why, however can that be civilized?

Well, Kelly Oxford, mom, pro Tweeter, and blogger, seems to think it’s VERY civilized. In her article Sex Trade featured in GQ Magazine she considers how trading sexual favors with her husband has upped the ante on the experience meter by turning the ho-hum into yum-yum and then some. They tease, flirt, and play their way to spicier sex by making offers and negotiating terms. Of course this is done with clear rules about expectations and follow through.

Kelly and her husband could push the experience meter over the top by using Tokii to make their trades. Anytime they have an idea they can use their computer or mobile phone to pop it into their respective TradingPosts so they don’t lose it before somebody yells “Mama or Daddy” or the boss calls with yet another important idea.

Tokii can help you negotiate with each other for everyday things to more intimate experiences. Make trades for anything from chores to vacations to massages to – well, let your mind wander on that one… You can even cruise Trade Ideas and create a Wish List to get some help with asking and offering what you want and need from each other. Need some prep work before making a trade? Try DiscoveryGames to figure what will really work for you two.

So next time you find yourself lost in another one of those hot, steamy memories, sign in to Tokii, click on TradingPost, and offer them an opportunity to join you on that stroll down memory lane.

Don’t forget to play our Trading for Favors DiscoveryGame and kick start trading for favors!

Oh, and when you do, drop us a line to let us know how it goes. We’re in beta so keep the comments and feedback coming.


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