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Why Different is Good: Part 2

It should come as no surprise that in the worlds of IT, computer sciences and, my personal favourite, business, there’s no shortage of women who want to hear about the success, hardships, and advice from other females like them. The last list of “Women-in-Tech”  quotes were well received and so we knew we had to […]

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Women in Tech Kick Butt [QUOTE]

It should come as no surprise to anyone that in the worlds of scholarship, IT, computer sciences, and my personal favourite, business, there’s no shortage of women who want to talk about other women. Our last list of “Women-in-Tech”  quotes were received very nicely and the same day we posted our first round we found […]

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Love At A Distance

Thirty years ago, in a different life I was married to a police officer who left our small family for extended periods of time for training. It was all so different in those days, airfare was far more expensive than it is today, there were no such thing as long distance plans and the Internet […]

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Game On: The Art Of Healthy Competition

Game On: The Art Of Healthy Competition

Do couples who play together stay together? According to a 2009 study conducted by Kelton Research, they at least want to give that theory a try. Eighty percent of respondents said they would enjoy playing video games with their significant other, with the biggest allure for 61 percent being the fact that video gaming is […]

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We’re All Normal Online,

I’m So Much Cooler Online

I stumbled on a short article recently called Are You Normal Online? The one-pager was full of fun little statistics about what women do online. Naturally, I headed to the Internet to do more research. Being 29, I spend most of my time online social mediaing (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare) and browsing retailers like Bloomingdale’s […]

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What void does Facebook fill? The 100 year old Predictions of Henri Bergson May Have Just Come True

  Did Henri Bergson Predict Facebook in 1907? In 1907, a French philosopher named Henri Bergson predicted Facebook. He called it Elan Vital and described it as “an invisible force which creates organized groups.” He said this force “could make someone a lot of money if it was put into something and activated with electricity.” […]

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The mobile phone…a couple’s NEW sex toy

“The bonds that unite another person to our self-exist only in our mind.” -Marcel Proust Taking out her mobile phone, Jenna stopped to think for a moment. Every day she sends her husband Kyle a brief text message just to reach out and let him know she’s thinking about him. Usually she texts, “Hiya,” “Thkg […]

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Blurring the lines between Porn and the Real World

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the prevalence of pornography in today’s cultural landscape is a well-documented thing.  There is lots of it, and by lots I mean you could never watch all of it even if you had ten screens going at once for a year and a million boxes of Kleenex.  It’s a […]

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Release The Stars: Tokii Takes on Les Enfant Terribles

Ever since Mark Burnett and his reality revolution got a toehold in the TV market, we’ve been inundated with show after show dafter show of young Hollywood couples living their faux lives on screen for our pleasure.  Whether it was the ill-fated Nick and Jessica, the nightmarish Jon and Kate, the spritely Amber and Boston […]

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Tokii’s Advice To Online Dating: Be More Like WoW

Online dating has been a fact of life for singles in the western world since the 90’s.  It has thoroughly and permanently changed the lay of the land when it comes to courting, dating and even marrying that soul mate you’ve always been after. But let’s face it: the scene has gone stale.  The novelty […]

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