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Does love mean never having to say you’re sorry?

Author: Marg Briuneman “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That’s among one of the most quoted lines from the novel and 1970 movie, Love Story. In one of the most romantic films of the era, Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) uttered the phrase when Jennifer (Ali McGraw) shows up late, after forcing him to wait. […]

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It’s Complicated

Relationships are complicated, especially so when there has been love, hate and everything in between. This movie took me through a merry ride of questioning, as it lead me through the complexity of the relationship between Jake (Alec Balwin) and Jane (Meryl Streep) after ten years of divorce. There were times when I rooted for […]

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Kramer vs. Kramer

Kramer vs. Kramer was released in the days before VCRs. In those days movies were released in the theatres and it could be years before they came on television. After watching the movie this past week, it’s hard to connect to those days when Joanna’s (Streep) decision to leave her child to “find herself” would […]

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Once Brothers

If you haven’t seen ESPN’s 30 on 30 segment ‘Once Brothers’, which aired in October, (it’s the story of basketball’s Vlade Divac & Drazen Petrovic), I encourage you to take the time to watch it. . This is one of the most poignant stories of an exceptionally close relationship between two young men who were […]

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Polygamy is the new Vampires

For a minute there, you couldn’t turn on a TV without seeing a pair of fangs attached to someone attractive (or attaching themselves to someone attractive. Between True Blood, the Twilight series, re-runs of Dark Shadows and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, television and film have given the undead their moment in the sun (or in […]

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That Facebook Kid Could’ve Used Tokii,

That Facebook Kid Could’ve Used Tokii

Facebook was one of the few pop culture phenomenons that I resisted as long as possible–like Twilight. To me, it represented a couple of smug Harvard trust-fund kids who made way too much money way too quickly. The kids you shake your fist at when you walk by just to watch them flinch. In the trailer […]

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