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Something Tokii This Way Comes, Pt. 1: Practice What You Preach

Old Spice’s YouTube campaign successfully launched the company’s modern take on their classic masculine brand with a personalized twist: they used social media to connect and interact with their audience to discuss and promote the brand.

Launched as a TV ad, and instantly taken viral on YouTube, the commercial has over 140 million impressions online and boosted Old Spice sales a whopping 107% during the month it was released. But branding is just one of the key ways businesses need to engage with their customers using social media. In this 3 part series, we examine how businesses successfully use social media to attract and sustain loyalty, while growing sales and revenue, and reveal how Tokii is poised for success in each of these areas.

#1 Branding:

A funny ad, a half naked man, and aggressive viral marketing fueled a flurry of online and offline discussion, but their biggest success from the campaign came from engaging with their consumer. Using the real actor to respond to comments, they generated a dialog with their audience that allowed their brand to become a big part of the online discussion. [] As Tokii sets to launch in 2011, this consumer interaction is already underway.

You don’t gain trust with an online audience with a clever commercial; they want to see the faces behind the brand, and interact with the people who claim its authenticity. If you don’t put your in your time online, neither will your audience.

Tokii is all about relationships, and it starts by building relationships with our audience. To do that, we live and breath social media. Our team has been engaging online communities in well-traveled forums and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook during our development, and more recently through our consumer blog

These communities see our brand as we live it – Fun, Bold, and Empathetic.

Catch Next Week’s Blog: Something Tokii Comes This Way, Pt. 2: You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty – The success of using social media for e-commerce and retaining customer loyalty.

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