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Mistletoe Ninjas

In our DiscoveryGame “Intimacy falls of the Christmas List” released last week, we asked:

Do I feel more relaxed and less stressed after being physically intimate with my partner?

Interestingly, while most guys agreed that intimacy was the best way to relieve stress over the holidays, the ladies weren’t quite as sold on the idea. But they have good reason.

After all that turkey and eggnog, and exhaustion from dealing with family, the thought of sneaking away for a little hanky-panky is enough to make you consider celibacy. But there are some important reasons to take some time for physical intimacy during the holidays.

So let’s explore how to squeeze in some time for intimacy on a tight schedule and on a belly full of food.

Schedule some spontaneity

This can be tricky any time of year, but believe it or not, it is possible to schedule time for intimacy and still have it feel spontaneous. The trick is finding a window that you both know you’ll have free, and scheduling it as an “anything goes” time. Think about it during the days and hours leading up to it. If the time comes and you’re both not into it, no sweat – watch a movie or go to bed, but chances are if you’ve been thinking about it all week, you’re already buzzing with excitement.

Over the holidays, this can work even better as when your “free time” comes around, you’ll both have totally forgotten that you scheduled some time just for you but you’ll be happy that you already set aside some time that you can now make the most of.

Wait until morning

You had to do it. You had to get that second plate. And of course, you had to try the pie. Now you’re feeling less than desirable.

You don’t have to “get busy” just because it’s finally night time and the family is asleep. When we force ourselves to be intimate when we’re tired or feeling bloated or full, we typically don’t perform as well, feel less sexy, and ultimately feel less satisfied.

Go to bed! Set an alarm for early in the morning when everyone is still asleep, for a little morning loving. You’ll feel more refreshed, less bloated and tired, and start the day feeling relaxed and happy.

Sneak attack

Your brother just went out to restock the bar, your parents are out at the grocery store with the all the kids, and you have just under 30 minutes before you’ve got to start cooking. Not enough time for romance? Wrong. Steal away to somewhere private for a little fun. If you’re not the type to be satisfied with a quickie, pleasure each other orally instead. The excitement and thrill of the moment will make all the more fun and leave you both smirking slyly to each other all night long…

Stay at a motel

If you can spare the money, and can do it without upsetting your family who insists on you sleeping in their spare room (or your old bedroom), staying at a motel when you are visiting family can be a saving grace.

Motels provide a multitude of excuses for having to slip away from the party for extended periods. And once you’re back at your room, you only have to worry whether a family member is staying next door.

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