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I Saw Mommy Doing Santa Claus

It turns out half of Tokii men and women have already done the deed under their parent’s roof!

Would I ever consider having sex in my or my partner’s family member’s house over the holidays?

But when we asked: Which do I think is more embarrassing, overhearing our parents having sex down the hall, or them hearing us?” the community showed us that’s where the similarities end. In fact, 50% of men found neither embarrassing and 50% of women said the opposite.

Which do I think is more embarrassing, overhearing our parents having sex down the hall, or them hearing us?

Looks like these ladies aren’t afraid to get busy at their parents, as long as no one knows about it.

Which begs the question… What if you get caught in the act?

For your amusement we present a couple of Tokii’s favorite stories of couples getting “busted” by family over the holidays and some tips to avoid it happening to you.

Full Frontal Nightmare
“My wife’s parents gave us their bedroom while we were visiting. One night, I was giving her a backrub by candlelight when her mom walked in. I froze — stark naked and straddling my wife’s butt. The next morning at breakfast, none of us made eye contact, and the next time we visited, they put us in her sister’s room.” – Kris (source)

Tokii’s Tip: ALWAYS remember to lock the door. If there is no lock.. block the door or save it for later.

Beat us to it
“My husband had been racking up browning points all week before Christmas, handling all the shopping, cooking, driving, and keeping my parents entertained. I decided he deserved a special present so I took him down to our laundry room (Our bedroom was being used as a gift-wrapping station) to give him a blowjob. When we opened the door, my mom was on her knees blowing my dad… who was still casually nursing his egg nogg like he was watching the football game. Like mother like daughter I guess.” – Jess

Tokii’s Tip: You wouldn’t think to knock on the laundry room door in your own house, but if there was ever a time to be extra vigilant, it’s when family is around. Don’t think that just because you have sex at your parents when you visit them, that they don’t return the favor when they visit you. Take it as a positive sign that your parent’s sex life is still going strong. And that dad will probably be in a great mood afterwards.

While there are literally too many embarrassing and funny stories to tell of couples getting caught to tell, we hope these people’s stories and tips give you some friendly reminders of why you need to be extra cautious over the holidays.

Now head to and play the game that will help get you both to become true Mistletoe Ninjas, by never getting caught in the act like Santa.

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