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Good Girls’ Guide to Making a Sex Tape

You want us to do what? Are you nuts?
Typically, the first thing that falls out of our mouths when asked about making a sex tape with our guy is that good girls don’t make homemade porn videos. That was the rule back in the day, but has the definition of what a “good girl“ evolved?

The online porn industry makes well over $14B annually and roughly 60 percent comes from amateur porn videos. What does that mean? There’s a good chance you or a friend of yours has made a homemade sex tape. Tokii spoke to many people about making homemade sex tapes and most were “girl next door types” with reputable jobs as teachers, accountants, and lawyers. When we asked them what motivated them to make a sex tape with their partner, this is what they said:

  • Make themselves happy – they enjoy a bit of experimentation
  • Voyeurs at heart – they’re both already watching
  • Exhibition – be the writer, director & star of the show
  • Shake up the bedroom – ditch the routine
  • Dare – challenge gets them cranked
  • Get his view – see what he gets to see

1 in 3 visitors to pornography websites are women

Clearly there are those among us who are flirting with the camera in the bedroom or are at least looking at others who do, and it seems men aren’t the only ones cruising it. 1 in 3 visitors to pornography websites are women.

Now, Tokii is not out to convince you to dump a lifetime of values and beliefs. What you do to blow the top off the experience meter in the bedroom is up to you. But we can tell you he’s with you for a reason. He’s REALLY into you. Your bare or nearly bare body is a BIG turn-on for him. He thinks you’re beautiful. He loves you for you and wants to celebrate it with you by creating some smokin’ hot memories for years to come, so to speak.

7 things to know before you start filming

Knowing he wants you and you want him why not take charge as Director and Star in your show. But before grabbing that camera, consider these first:

  1. Lay down ground rules. Ensures no one gets hurt during the filming of your movie.
  2. Keep control. Record it on your camera (not his) or hold on to the memory card so your video doesn’t add to all the amateur porn on the web.
  3. Practice makes perfection. Don’t expect a new position to work the first time, you may need to make some adjustments to perfect your feet, arms and leg positions.
  4. Set Design. The ambiance, color and lighting are key to looking ones best. This is a great opportunity to get your partner to renovate and redesign.
  5. Pamper & Primp yourself. We all know how great our faces look after a facial, book yourself a body scrub, get a manicure and pedicure and remember to schedule your waxing appointment a few days in advance to look your best.
  6. Work your angles. Porn star Nina Hartley told Tokii, “We work hard to look like we are having fun and to make sure the positions are realistic.” Leverage your best sides.
  7. Have Fun. Enjoy, Sex is fun.

Scene 2, Take 3…Action!

Now that you’re ready to take charge and direct this thing, try Tokii’s TradingPost to get clear on what’s okay and what’s not okay for this experience.

Lay out your idea. Set your terms. Negotiate the deal. We’ve actually written a Trade Idea that can help you get started, just do a search for Bedroom kinky porn.

Need Ideas to get your juices flowing?

So, no one is saying you gotta jump into something like this. Experiment at your own pace. Watch some female online or on DVD made by women like Candida Royalle who special in porn for women. Read about how to make it in Petra Joy’s book called Make Your Own Adult Video. Talk to others about it on our forum.

Play with it in a fantasy or two.

Invest in sizable but stylish mirror and have sex in front of it to get a feel for the camera experience.

You might not end up making a video, but you can have fun practicing!

Curious about what the guys are reading on this? Flip over to Tips for making your own sex tape and check it out.

Happy filming!

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