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Founders Want Like-Minded Funders

SAI writes a compelling piece and has a glossy study with back-up data about what founders care about when choosing investors. See checklist – Valuation – Yes; Dilution – Yes; Control – Yes. Of course, all of the “concerns” aka worries cited are the things that make us responsible entrepreneurs. But who are we at the end of the day as people, as professionals, and as entrepreneurs? And we ask the same of the funders – who are you? what do you stand for? do you fit with our brand? Do we fit with yours? At Tokii, we care a lot about compatibility and that was only briefly mentioned in a few random-open ended questions towards the end of the Dorsey and Whitney study.

So like any crazy group of entrepreneurs would do, we created our own compatibility survey to prove our point. As you review, you will see who we are, and what we believe. To the extent we see things similarly, we could be a perfect match? Take our quiz and find out. Don’t forget to let us know!

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